People, projects, sites, friends that I like and think deserve your attention.
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Barroo / Kendall :3

Talented multimedia creator, film critic, and apparently vtuber. Her latest album, dirt, is beautiful and I played it way too much after it came out. Check out her site!

Hotline Cafe

Neocities site whose highly stylish, dead-simple design I stole took great inspiration from. Its webmaster and proprietor Fionn Hodgson has a lot of cool music on there and made excellent top-down crime sim Total Anarchy. Give it a try!


Friend of mine with a really cool personal website! This link hopefully pressures them into finishing it up. Until then, check out their cool videogame reviews and their little experiments!

Crow Cillers / Lamezone

The #2 Crow Cillers site on the web! Good resource to find various works of maestro Cate Wurtz, such as asscastle and Hail Gay Satan.
(Psst, did you know that asscastle 2 dropped?)

Pizza Girl Adventures

Pizza Girl Adventures was a comic series that ran between 2012 and 2015, following Ashley Allegri, superhero pizza delivery girl. It's not online these days, but author Jenny is letting me link to a mediafire that has all the pages and some extra goodies! Remake™ coming when it's done!


Danganronpa. Halo. Sopranos. Hotline Miami. Souls. If you want despair, this vtubing maniac has it. Also does art studies and is part of a podcast about that first entry in the list.


Belts isn't real, but you make her real by watching her! Give her money.
An impressive vtuber whose debut was a tour de force; watch it here: Stick around past the intro to see great retro gameplay and TCG card openings!